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Comprehensive Planning

This is our cornerstone service that incorporates all aspects of your financial life, including retirement planning, investments, insurance, taxes, budgeting, education, and any other special needs unique to your situation.  We'll work together using a proven 6-step financial planning process that consists of 1) defining the work to be done; 2) gathering data and goal setting; 3) analyzing your current situation; 4) developing the plan; 5) implementing the plan; and 6) monitoring the plan.

Modular Planning

Depending on your situation, it may be better to break the plan down into smaller pieces and tackle them one at a time, rather than try to implement all the recommendations from the comprehensive plan at once.  We still address your needs "comprehensively," but in a serial manner.

When Life Happens

We're here to help.  We encourage you to reach out to discuss major life events like getting married, divorced, or remarried; preparing for a birth or adoption; dealing with the loss of a loved one; saving for a college education; rolling over retirement plans, receiving an inheritance or other windfall; entering retirement; buying a home; or taking care of aging parents.