Service Guarantee

Our work is guaranteed to the complete delight of our clients. If you are not completely satisfied with the services performed by Knightsgate Financial Advisors, we will adjust our fee, up to a 100% refund, to a level that reflects our client's perception of value received.

Fixed Price Agreements

In almost all cases, we prefer to use Fixed Price Agreements, as opposed to hourly rates, to encourage our clients to seek timely advice without the fear of a meter running endlessly.  While the fixed price entitles you to unlimited consultation with us, if your question or issue requires additional research, analysis, or representation beyond the consultation, that work will be subject to an additional price, payment terms, and scope to be agreed upon before the service is to be performed, and a Change Order will be issued to document this understanding.  An example of this type of situation occurs when a client is audited by a taxing agency and we're asked to provide representation in the matter.

Fee Schedule

Every client situation is different.  Prospective clients are encouraged to meet with us for a 30-minute, no-charge, initial consultation to discuss your needs and receive a customized quote for services.  The schedule below illustrates minimums and typical charges so you have some idea what to expect.  Rest assured, our fees are completely transparent.  You'll know exactly what you're paying and what you're getting in return...before we start.

Financial Planning

Minimum Fee:  $800

Range for Services:  $800 to $8,000 (depending on complexity)

Typical Fee:  $2,000

What is Typical? The typical client has never done a financial plan before, owns their home, has one or more retirement accounts, plans to pay for college for one or more children, and has 10 or more years to prepare for retirement.

50% of your fee is paid upon signing our financial planning agreement, the balance is paid upon receipt of the completed plan.

Investment Management

Minimum Fee:  $1,000 (per year)

Range for Services:  $1,000 to $25,000 (depending on portfolio assets, risk profile, and desired investment strategies)

Typical Fee:  $4,000 (per year)

What is Typical?  The typical investment management client has about $500,000 in investable assets, has a moderate tolerance for risk, and desires a combination of passive and active investment strategies.

Clients can choose either a monthly or quarterly payment schedule, and payments can be made by check, credit card, or fees can be deducted automatically from client accounts.



Tax Preparation

Typical Fees (includes e-filing, if applicable)

Form 1040 with Schedule A and 1 state: $230

Form 1040 without itemized deductions and 1 state: $130

Form 1040 Schedule C (profit or loss for business): $200

Form 1065 (partnership): $550

Form 1120 (corporation): $700

Form 1120S (S corporation): $665

Form 1041 (fiduciary): $415

Form 706 (estates): $2,050

Form 990 (tax exempt): $585

Note: All fees assume a taxpayer has gathered and organized all necessary information.

Business Consulting

Typical Fees

Solo 401k setup fee: $1,500

Solo 401k annual maintenance (includes Form 5500): $250

LLC Formation:  $400 + state fee

Corporation Formation (C or S):  $400 + state fee

Other services are available as your business needs dictate.  Fees are negotiable.


Financial Concierge Service

The term “concierge” is derived from Latin root words meaning “extra service.”  In our firm, “financial concierge services” refers to all of the finance-related personal services we provide to our clients...not just actual financial planning.  The true value of good financial planning is not in the numbers, but in the life that the numbers make possible.  Therefore, we deliver whatever financial-related service our clients need and want, no matter how far “out of the box” it may be, so long as that service furthers the end result of their money supporting the life they desire.  Also, our viewpoint is that we’re in the relationship business, not the transaction business.  Therefore, when we have implemented the transactions we’ve recommended for a new client, our real work has only just begun.

Our financial concierge services (sometimes referred to as retainer-based wealth management services) are completely customizable.  Basically, you choose from all of our available service offerings and combine them in a manner that best supports your lifestyle.  We'll package it all together, combine it with unlimited consultations, agree on an annual fee, and you'll choose between a monthly or quarterly payment schedule.  You can pay by check or credit card, or you can choose to have your fees automatically deducted from the account of your choice.

Minimum Fee: $2,000 (per year)

Range for Services:  $2,000 to $100,000 (depending on complexity, number of services requested, and the degree to which you want us to manage your financial affairs)

Typical Fee:  $6,000 (per year)

What is Typical?  The typical financial concierge client receives a financial plan with annual updates, ongoing investment management, and income taxes prepared on an annual basis.